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Local El Salvadorian, John Arias is the Founder of LST. He lives in El Tunco and is one of the top surfers to ever come out of the area. His skills have landed him many sponsors over the years and he is well respected out in the lineup at any surf spot in El Salvador. John created LST in hopes to provide traveling surfers an easy way to travel the country, score perfect waves and have it all well documented through professional quality, video and photography. John and crew will pick you up at the Airport in his 4×4 vehicle and take you safely to your desired destination. This typically includes fresh coconut water and a couple surf checks on the way. John has a great crew of fantastic local surfers that help him run his successful Surf Trip business.

“I enjoy meeting new people, making new friends and showing them how amazing the country of El Salvador is. We surf, eat and drink together, the El Salvadorian way.” ~ John A


John Arias: Founder, Driver, Photographer, Experienced Surf Guide

Rodrigo “Pimpa” Delgago: Driver, Surf Coach, Experienced Surf Guide

Javier “Pato” Ramos: Surf Coach, Photographer

Noel “Piñata” Caseres: Driver, Experienced Surf Guide

Roberto “Coche” Castro: Expedition Guide

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Our Mission

Our mission at LST is to provide surfers worldwide to a safe and amazing surf trip throughout El Salvador. A succesful trip for our clients is a success for Litoral Surf Trips as a company. We take pride in showing our clients the best time.